Learning Reflection

This week and next week we will be having learning conferences at school. This is a time when we meet to talk about what is going well and how you can improve, in order to get the best out of Year 6.

Have a look at the questions below and think about your learning and school experiences over the last few weeks. Why not leave a comment to share your thoughts about what has gone well and the work you are proud of. 

1. Reflect on your thinking, learning, and work today. What were you most proud of?

2. Where did you encounter struggle today, and what did you do to deal with it?

3. What about your thinking, learning, or work today brought you the most satisfaction? Why?

4. What is frustrating you? How do you plan to deal with that frustration?

5. What lessons were learned from failure today?

6. Where did you meet success, and who might benefit most from what you’ve learned along the way? How can you share this with them?

7. What are your next steps? Which of those steps will come easiest? Where will the terrain become rocky? What can you do now to navigate the road ahead with the most success?

8. What made you curious today?

9. How did I help you today? How did I hinder you? What can I do tomorrow to help you more?

10. How did you help the class today? How did you hinder the class today? What can you do tomorrow to help other learners more?

Grammar Homework 5.10.18

Below are lots of links to grammar games that will help you to learn/revise some of the grammar terms coming up in Year 6. Please play these games for homework this week as they will really help you with some of the work we will be doing in class over the next few weeks. 






Word classes

Punctuation in sentences 

Once you have played the games, leave a comment in the box to share what you have learnt and what you did well. You can also let me know if there was anything that you found tricky or confusing. The punctuation in sentences game has a few levels for you to work through, so make sure you try them all. 

Lots of the games require flash player so work better on a laptop or desktop computer. 

Hope you enjoy the games. 

Code Club

Code Club will be launching in school very soon. If you would like to be part of Code Club then you need to reply to this post explaining why. What interests you about coding and computing? What skills do you have that you will be able to bring to the club? How will joining Code Club benefit you and the other people in the club? Your reply needs to be on the blog by Tuesday. 

The club will take place every Thursday lunchtime in the computing suite. 


Online maths activities


Here is the link for the online maths activities that you can be doing each day to revise what we have being doing in class and to ensure you are really confident with the basic skills. This week you should choose either age 10-11 easy or 10-11 difficult. Complete the big numbers activities to work on writing numbers to 10 million like we have been doing in class. If you are not sure what to do or you need help, click on correct answer and you will be given clues to help you. You can also try the multiplication activity too.

Double double toil and trouble!

This week we began reading our shared text Macbeth. We enjoyed learning about the witches on the heath and worked hard to write poems to go with the scene where they reveal the prophecy. We tried to choose language to create atmosphere and leave our reader fearing these gruesome creatures.

Please have a read of our work and comment on what you think we have done well. Which words/phrases or lines are the must effective in describing the witches and creating atmosphere? We would love your feedback.

Class charters

This week we have written our class charter. We want our school to be a happy and safe place to be. We discussed and agreed what everybody should do in our classroom.

Below, you will see the four different class charters from KS2.

For home learning this week, please discuss the charter with your family. How are you going to try to follow the charter? How are you going to help others to follow it? What does it mean to you? What does a happy and safe classroom look like? What does respectful behaviour look like?

Have you seen anyone following the class charter? What were they doing?

Please comment below, and make sure you keep checking incase anybody replies to your comments. It might start a wonderful discussion 🙂


This week our spelling focus has been words ending in cious and tious. We have started to notice some patterns and some words that do not follow the pattern.

Here is the link to the spelling tasks and games so you can have a go at improving your spelling of these words. Don’t forget to take the test and then post a comment to tell us how you got on.

Remember to look up the meaning of any words that you are not sure of.



Our Class Charter

We are really proud of our class charter and have spent lots of our circle time sessions discussing how we can make sure we all adhere to it. This week we started to think about children in our class who have made a conscious effort to follow the class charter. We found out that lots of children have been using kind words, have been listening well and have been taking other children’s views seriously.

Who have you noticed trying really hard to follow the class charter? Can you think of someone in our class who has been using kind words or someone that has been taking learning seriously and working hard? Maybe you have spotted a few children following our class charter. This is your chance to share your observations with everyone and celebrate those that are working really hard to make our class a happy, safe and respectful learning environment.