Global goals

On Tuesday we are going to explore The Global Goals. Please watch the video below to learn all about it.


We are going to focus on Gender equality. Please watch the video below and compete the survey. (you have one printed)


Can you also draw a Venn Diagram with the headings Men and Women but then the overlap in the middle being both.

What words can you put on either side?

Think of different adjectives: Clever, kind, caring, brave, loving, sporty and thoughtful.

Think of different jobs: dancer, inventor, fire-fighter, footballer, soldier.

What does it look like? Be reading to discuss your findings on Tuesday.




Can we agree the 3 most important Rights of the Child?

As a class we read through The Rights Of The Child and then decided by ourselves on our top 3 articles. Then we split into groups and had to agree on the top 3 (or 5)  in our groups. Then we used Padlet to write down our Articles we had chosen in our groups. We could then look at each others ideas and comment on them.

Tally Chart:

Article 28 had 4 votes – “Every child has a right to an education”
Article 6 had 4 votes – “Every child has the right to life”
Article 24 had 2 votes – “Every child has the right to the best possible health”
Article 16 had 1 vote – “Every child has the right to privacy”
Article 19 had 2 votes – “Protection from violence, abuse & neglect”
Article 37 had 3 votes – “Children must not be tortured, sentenced to the death penalty, suffer cruel or degrading treatmnent or punishment”
Article 34 had 1 vote – “Governments must protect children from sexual abuse & exploitation”
Article 7 had 1 vote – “Every child has the right to be registered at birth, to have a name & nationality and to know & be cared for by their parents”

By Ellie

Our discussion is below, please add your comments.


Made with Padlet

Dance competition photos!

Games Design Logos

These are all super – well done Year 6, I will send the link to this blog to Simone.