Blogging Rules

As this is your Blog, can you think of any rules to make sure nothing bad or unsafe happens? I thought that the first one should be: not to disclose ANY personal details, surname or address and stuff like that. If you think that we should have any more rules, please comment, and by the end of February, we should have a list of rules on the blog to keep us safe.

13 thoughts on “Blogging Rules

  1. I think we need to follow the rules by:

    Not giving out your address
    Not giving out phone numbers
    date of birth
    your full name
    what school you go to and not to give any of these personal information about your friends to other people and if you are e-mailing, always remember to sign it otherwise the person your e-mailing to won’t recognize you.

    From Ashwicka 🙂


  2. I tink we need to follow the rules about not giving out personal information eg phone number email age full name address


  3. Sorry that this is in March but…
    Here are the rules maybe possibly…
    1. DON’T BE RUDE
    2. Don’t be mean to other people or celebrities… Suing exists!
    3. Don’t use copy written content
    4. Always overuse ellipses….
    OK, I can’t think of any more.


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