New Charity

As a school we are supporting the

Make A Wish charity.


How important do you think this charity is? Why?

How could we, as a school, raise lots of money for them?


5 thoughts on “New Charity

  1. I think this charity is very important because even is these children can’t get better from their illness it doesn’t mean the rest of there life should be boring and everyone being extra protective of them, this charity gives them a chance to live an amazing fun life before they pass.


  2. I think that this charity is a extremely important charity. I think this because everybody has dreams, and if you are terminally ill then you might think that you will never get the opportunity to make that dream come true because you are ill. That is why I think that make a wish is such an important charity.
    I think that we could do like a school show where the people have to pay a certain amount of money to get a ticket. To raise more money we could do more than one show of the show.


    • I agree Hayaat! I think it’s extremely important. Just because you’re really ill why can’t you do what you want!? I think make a wish would really help children in all kinds of situations. I think it’s similar to a Hospice. I have one question is make a wish an only company (so helps people that they are looking after) or does Make a Wish help all other hospice’s? I think we could do a sponsored silence (I know it will be hard)! Or maybe we could do 20 laps of the field in onsies! A pyjama day? A school sleepover? A talent show? A catwalk with clothes we have made? That was a few suggestions,


  3. I think that make a wish is a very good charity because it helps children who are terminally ill and lets them do or meet one of their biggest dreams. To raise money I think we could do a talent show and have parents and children pay for the tickets or do a sponsored run in pyjamas or something like that.


  4. To me, Make a Wish is very important, as the charity helps children who are terminally ill and it helps them enjoy and fulfil their dreams. To raise money, I think we should do something sponsored- maybe a sponsored silence? I think Make a Wish is a wonderful charity and I am glad we are supporting them.


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