New Computing Project – Animation

Today we started a new computing project learning all about the history of animation. We watched Charles-Émile Reynaud’s Pauvre Pierrot, which was exhibited in 1892 when he opened his Theatre Optique at the Musee Grevin. 

We enjoyed following the story and talking about how we thought the animation worked and the technology that was used. The children in Year 6 had lots of super ideas.

I have since found out that this animation is also believed to be the first usage of film perforations and originally consisted of 500 individually painted images. That is a lot of drawing!

Here is a link to the clip so that you can see it again:

Do you have any further questions about this early animation? Can you find out anything else about how it was made and technology used? How did it work all those years ago?

Extra Challenge: Can you do your own research and find out which animations or animators came after 1892? What did they do? Which technology did they use?

Don’t forget to share your findings.



3 thoughts on “New Computing Project – Animation

  1. Evan and I couldn’t finish our scratch project in time. It kept on happening to be deleted?


  2. I love the flip books we made. I had made one with my auntie and I had some paper left so I made another


    • Great job Katie. Can you make a video of it for us to put on the blog?


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