Box Hill


Year 5 and 6 had such a wonderful time at Box Hill on Wednesday. We spent the morning learning essential geography skills needed when on an expedition. We enjoyed finding out about what kit to take, how to use a compass and how to read a map, including grid references, map symbols and contour lines. After lunch we used these skills to follow a trail and find our way around Box Hill. It was hard work, but a very enjoyable and active day out in the fresh air. We even had sunshine.

What did you enjoy about Box Hill Year 6?

What was the thing you will remember? Which things did you learn and how might you us these  skills in the future?


21 thoughts on “Box Hill

  1. My favourite thing to do was climbing the trees and finding out about the endangered nature on protected on Box Hill. Also Lunchtime!


  2. We liked the view from on top of the hill, it looked stunning.We also loved learning how to use a compass and map reading skills.


  3. If I was stranded, I now know I could use a compass to find a way back to civilisation.


  4. My favourite thing was climbing the really steep hill and climbing the trees.


  5. After we climbed down Juniper Top I found the walk up the other hill especially and the walk back after tricky. If I was camping with my family and we got lost trying to find water I would use my skills at this point. (But we have phones now.) 🙂


  6. I learnt to use a compass properly. When you use Red Fred In His Shed. Also using a map grid skills to work at where you are. It was a really fun trip.


    • Yes it was. Fred in his shed is a good one to remember how to get started with your compass. We are going to be continuing with our geography skills this week.


      • Yes it was: “Red Fred likes it best in his shed.” If Red Fred was in his shed then you knew that you were pointing north!


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