Engineer Visit

Year five and six have had another fantastic engineer visit them.

Richard Symonds TMIET GradEI
Electrical Engineer
Richard works on the inside of buildings making them comfortable and useable for us. We learnt all about the measures of light, how the electricity can affect a room and temperature control. It really made us think about our classroom and what we can do to make it a really positive learning environment. We were also made to think about heat loss and saving energy.
We also asked lots of questions and found out how important maths is to engineers and what we need to do if we want to follow in Richard’s footsteps and become and engineer.
Year five and six, what did you learn?

9 thoughts on “Engineer Visit

  1. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Thank you all very much for the lovely cards! They were a very nice surprise and are currently taking pride of place on my desk.
    I am also enjoying reading your comments regarding my visit, and happy you all enjoyed and found it helpful.
    I am currently working on the website, and hope i create something you will find useful. I must ask one more question of you all. Do you think i should have a twitter account and what do you think the website should be called? Please post your views below.

    Many Thanks again and wishing you all the very best in your studies!



    • Hi Rich,
      The pleasure was all yours, thank you for inspiring the next generation of engineers! The I’m An Engineer project has really galvanised staff and children and demystified a whole area of career opportunities. Now we are into building bridges and monitoring sound, light & temperature in our classrooms – watch this space for Datalogger experiments next term! Thank you so much. Nicola (Computing Technician)


  2. I found out (when Rich measured the light in the room) that when it’s a sunny day (to English standards) with only one set of three lights on, our class room is way too bright already. It was about 650 lux (that is how we measure light) in the classroom and the mst for children should only be about 350! sows us how much light we waste. 🙁


  3. I learnt that there is a room where you can’t hear anything because of spikes on the floor. I asked what the highest light measurement outside could be.


  4. I found it really interesting when Richard talked about the different kinds of engineers, and passed round those magazines for us to look at. Thank you Richard for coming in!


  5. I learnt that when you put lights on at the bright day it uses lots of electricity. I also learnt that when you use a thing to measure how much numbers are there on a table.


  6. As Rich came into our classroom he was holding this tool and I didn’t know what it did, but now I know what it does (measure light.) After he came in I am now so much more interested in being an electrical engineer.


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