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We had a really amazing visitor this week.

Simone is a graphic designer and he came and told us all about his work. He showed us how logos are created and how really powerful they can be.

In year six we are creating logos for ourselves. Watch this space for some uploads. Which do you think are really eye catching, clever and memorable?

8 thoughts on “Graphic Design

  1. Wow, year 6, these are all amazing! Has Simone seen your Logos as I’m sure he’d be as impressed as I am?! Was Assembly an easy app to learn to use?


  2. I did an Indian Macaque as my initials are IM and the same with Indian Macaque. I’m also Indian and I love monkeys!

    Also, sadly, I wasn’t there on Thursday to meet Simone but still, thank you to Simone. If I had have been there I would have enjoyed it!


    • It looks like it’s been stretched when it got posted on the blog! But I don’t think it really matters it’s mainly just the bar code!


  3. This is my logo I’ve designed it to show my passion for tennis.The “LT” is to represent both Lucinda Tribe and Lawn Tennis.
    I really enjoyed Simone’s visit and loved creating this graphic design.


  4. I have attached my logo, so I hope it shows. I would really like the cogs to spin and build the E for loading (start with one cog, build up to all), as if the cogs are engineering the letter.

    I really enjoyed meeting Simone and learning about his job. thank you to him for giving up his time and coming to teach us.


    • Ellie; I love the design of yours and I liked the idea of the clogs turning around when the website is loading.

      I hope the logo designs with Simone is amazing on Thursday.


  5. Here is my logo;
    It’s a world because I love nature.
    Music note because I love music.
    Phones because I love tech.


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