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  1. I also think the motto should be followed because many people aren’t treated as fairly as other people, which is why the motto should be listened to. As well as that, the picture with the wealthy establishments and the corrupt slums is just not on. They should get equal amounts of money so that they can live just like each other, even if it is a tourist destination.


  2. I think that everyone should be involved no matter who they are or what they look like.


  3. I think International Day is really important because (unlike in our school) in some places people aren’t treated fairly if they are from a different culture,religion etc.
    It is really important everyone is treated equally and that is why I think International Day is so important.


  4. I don’t really like it when certain people are gathered into one place either, which is why I want everyone in any shapes or size to come together and get along


  5. I didn’t like it when there were the nice houses and wealthy people were separate from the less wealthy people who had tin houses.


  6. I really liked how we had those pictures. Some of them really made me think especially the one with the salad. Diversity is a great thing but if you have lots of cultures that never mix there is not much point in having a diverse community.I also found it really morally wrong when we looked at those pictures of the slums and corrupt areas and then a wall or deep river dividing the tourism so when we looked closer we saw that there was sport grounds and luxury facilities for the wealthier. Then I noticed a comparison with the salad because there was different cultures but they didn’t mix so the tourism pictures were like a real example of the salad.


    • Yes the pictures were a good starting point to get us thinking and talking. The salad picture is one of my favourites as it clearly points out how important of mixing rather just staying in separate groups in communities. I am pleased that you were able to make links between the salad pictures and real life situations Rosie.


  7. International day was fun and I think that we all learnt at least one thing about some one elses heritage (I certainly have). I also agree with Harry because peoples heritage should NOT be used to offend anyone.


  8. I think it’s a great motto as it shows even though you might be different everyone is still amazing no matter what they look like or their religion or heritage. We learnt that it would be boring having everyone the same. Being different is unique.


    • It would be boring, you are right Iona. It was good to find out new things about the people in our class. Imagine all the new things you can learn from all of the children in the school.


  9. I think inclusion is a big part of International Day as even if you have lots of people from different cultures, backgrounds etc. (diversity) but they don’t mix then it’s almost like they are separate and then it’s not really diversity any more.
    Diversity is a big part of International Day and to make diversity work well you need inclusion and by having inclusion life would be a lot better for lots of people.

    *Diversity- when there are people with different backgrounds etc.
    *Inclusion- when the diverse people mix and come together as one.


  10. I think the motto delivers a good message. It explains that diversity should be celebrated. Inclusion is a big part of that too because if you have diversity but not inclusion it’s like you are segregated and not exactly getting to know these other people from different countries and cultures. It also conveys that “no matter where you’re from, no matter about your culture we are all equal and different and each of those differences should be celebrated.” To make everyone welcome I am going to ask questions about them so I can know about them. Then I will try to include them and make them feel welcome so they can settle in to our school and make our school motto live up to its name.


    • Look at of very great points here Ibraheem. I think your idea about asking people questions is key because then they know you are interested in them and feel included and you get to learn more about others.

      How was the Robo challenge yesterday? Hope it went well.


      • In Robo, we came 2nd and only 1 point behind1st. It was a really good day even though some things didn’t go to plan.


        • Wow that is great news. Well done to the Robo team. Maybe you can tell everyone about the day tomorrow at some point.


    • How can we make sure everyone follows this motto Harriet? What could we do in school?


      • I think we should have weekly reminders and that could help us to remember.


  11. I think that we need to celebrate our differences but also not talk about it too much because it might draw us apart. i don’t think they should be mentioned in the playground.


    • This is an interesting point. Maybe in our school we are very tolerant and inclusive anyway, but how can we ensure this is always the case in the future?


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