Grammar and Punctuation Homework 10.11.17

Follow this link to the BBC Bitesize English page

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the punctuation section. Watch the videos and complete the tasks for the following activities:

How to use commas in sentences

How to use brackets

How to use hyphens and dashes

Once you have done, share what you have learnt with the class. Create a sentence showing how to use commas, bracket and dashes in sentences. Here is my example:

The Ragged School, which is where we went for our school trip, has a Victorian school room and kitchen. 

Our first activity (and the most enjoyable) was learning all about the sorts of jobs children were required to do around the home during the Victorian era. 

Jim Jarvis – exhausted, weak and alone – sat with his arms hugged around his knees in the darkness of the alleyway. 

Remember to comment on the sentences that other children post too.


20 thoughts on “Grammar and Punctuation Homework 10.11.17

  1. I did not this week but the 24.11.2017 grammar homework “Rags To Riches” and I couldn’t get to one million gold stars I always got at least one wrong!


  2. Joe, who was determined to reach the top, didn’t stop climbing.
    The machine (50 years old) screeched and stopped.
    It wasn’t easy to de-ice the metal.


    • The first two are great Remy. Watch out! your last sentence has a hyphen and not a dash.


  3. 1. Poppy (who loved the colour pink) asked her room could be painted.
    2. In the book outcast Torak is a soul-eater.
    3. Lily – who had a best friend called Tilly – went to the park on Monday after school.

    these exercises were really fun 🙂


  4. That was really fun I could do that for hours! And I’m not usually that keen for grammar it’s really helped as well.Thanks Mrs Mikkelsen!


  5. This helped a lot, also I have now got some good sentences to use


  6. 1. Jim, who was on the search for Emily and Lizzy, was cold and tired.
    2. Our school trip (which was at the ragged school) was very fun.
    3. grimy nick – disgusting and rude – work, silently with Jim.

    hope you enjoyed 🙂


  7. Bob, who loved football, scored a goal.
    Jeff (his surname was Stevens) was called in the register.
    Kevin -tired and exhausted- collapsed.


    • Great job Evan. You have punctuated all of your sentences correctly. See if you can try to include each of these punctuation marks in sentences in your writing next week. The challenge is on.


    • Well done for commenting on the blog Mitchell. You have used the brackets well, but you don’t need the comma after Jim. Brackets are used instead of commas.


    • Well done for commenting on the blog. Which game did you play? Have you tried the commas, brackets and dashes exercises?


  8. I liked the grammar homework! I dad all the things we’ve been learning in year 6. Although can’t a hyphen be used instead of a comma or visa versa?


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