Grammar Games

For homework this week I would like you to have a go at these online grammar games. There are a few links that will help you to revise and consolidate your understanding of some of the things we have been doing in class.

Nouns and adjectives:

Different types of nouns:

Different types of adjectives:

Antonyms splat:

Which games did you enjoy? What did you learn from playing? Which games made you think?

Remember to add a comment so that I know you have completed each game. I am sure you are going to be grammar whizzes by the time you have finished all of these.




18 thoughts on “Grammar Games

  1. Yeah Mitchell the middle ones didn’t work for me either but I would have loved to try them.


  2. Wow I’ve just done the first one and it’s really testing my brain! Now if I ever get trapped in a castle I’ll know were my nouns go! 🙂 I hope everyone else is enjoying them!


  3. My favourite was the ‘Trapped!’ game because of the man’s weird voice. Though at one point I lost concoction to the game and had to start over again. The others didn’t load for me so I couldn’t play them. 🙂


  4. Sorry it was just the comparative adjectives that I did not understand.I spoke to my parents about it and they explained to me what they where.


  5. Mitchell, you press on the button which says ‘problems veiwing this resource?’. Then click on the button saying Google Chrome and follow the first three instructions and the page should appear.


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