Grammar Homework 5.10.18

Below are lots of links to grammar games that will help you to learn/revise some of the grammar terms coming up in Year 6. Please play these games for homework this week as they will really help you with some of the work we will be doing in class over the next few weeks. 






Word classes

Punctuation in sentences 

Once you have played the games, leave a comment in the box to share what you have learnt and what you did well. You can also let me know if there was anything that you found tricky or confusing. The punctuation in sentences game has a few levels for you to work through, so make sure you try them all. 

Lots of the games require flash player so work better on a laptop or desktop computer. 

Hope you enjoy the games. 

29 thoughts on “Grammar Homework 5.10.18

  1. I played all the games and they were very fun. Some were a bit tricky, like the adverbs and word classes but I really enjoyed them. my favourite was the bunnies, they were really cute.


  2. I can’t get onto it, I press on the links but when I get on the sight it doesn’t work properly!


  3. I can’t get onto it, I press on the links but when I get on the sight it doesn’t work properly!


  4. I did all the games and got everything correct. My favourite was the fish game, as it enabled me to make sense of everything. Also, the fish were really funny when they got a worm! 🙂


  5. I tried the punctuation in sentences game and I managed to complete it but then the next time I tried to play one it crashed. But it was fun playing anyway.


  6. I have done all of the games but in some of them, I found the adverbs and pronouns tricky because they made them quite hard and we haven’t done many of them in class.


    • We haven’t done much with word classes but we will do lots after half term so this will be a good starter activity to get you thinking.


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