Homework 23.3.18

Last week we were learning about lines of latitude and climate zones. Yesterday afternoon we were researching different biomes (tundra, rainforest, desert) and we made posters with information.

For homework this week I would like you research a biome of your choice and create a poster with the following information:

What is it?

Where is it?

What is the climate like?

What animals and plants live there?

Interesting facts…

You can add pictures and make a poster or a leaflet. You can draw and write or use the computer. If you made one in class already, you could choose another one to find out about. The national geographic website has lots of information and videos.

Once your poster is done you could take a picture of it and add it to the reply box so we can all see it. Bring them into school too and we can put them on display.

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  1. On our “Year 6 SATS Preparation” sheets, the first link of the Grammar Revision section doesn’t work. The screen says that it couldn’t match en/grammar-practise.


  2. A biome is a community of plants and animals that have common characteristics for the environment they exist in. They can be found over a range of continents. Biomes are distinct biological communities that have formed in response to a shared physical climate. “Biome” is a broader term than “habitat”; any biome can comprise a variety of habitats.


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