Learning Reflection

This week and next week we will be having learning conferences at school. This is a time when we meet to talk about what is going well and how you can improve, in order to get the best out of Year 6.

Have a look at the questions below and think about your learning and school experiences over the last few weeks. Why not leave a comment to share your thoughts about what has gone well and the work you are proud of. 

1. Reflect on your thinking, learning, and work today. What were you most proud of?

2. Where did you encounter struggle today, and what did you do to deal with it?

3. What about your thinking, learning, or work today brought you the most satisfaction? Why?

4. What is frustrating you? How do you plan to deal with that frustration?

5. What lessons were learned from failure today?

6. Where did you meet success, and who might benefit most from what you’ve learned along the way? How can you share this with them?

7. What are your next steps? Which of those steps will come easiest? Where will the terrain become rocky? What can you do now to navigate the road ahead with the most success?

8. What made you curious today?

9. How did I help you today? How did I hinder you? What can I do tomorrow to help you more?

10. How did you help the class today? How did you hinder the class today? What can you do tomorrow to help other learners more?

8 thoughts on “Learning Reflection

  1. I am really proud of my poem about Macbeth because I never did anything like that before and I think it came out well. I found the division hard but I plan to practice at home for a bit to get better. I was really frustrated in DT when my puppet head wouldn’t stay flat but I asked others on my table and they showed me how to do it because I had never done it before. my favourite lessons are DT and spelling, I love hands-on work and learning new words or expressions/phrases!


  2. i am proud of my nhs work because it was probaly the best handwriting peace I have have done


  3. I feel really proud of my maths work we did because i’m usually not very good at division but I think I did very well


  4. Well this year has been amazing for me. I have leant so much over the past few weeks. I have also become so much better at maths and so much more confident! I have also become better at my joined up handwriting too. Thank you Mrs Mikklesen!


  5. I am proud of my newspaper article because I worked really hard on it and my work paid off as it’s one of my best writing pieces.


  6. Dear Mrs Mikkleson,
    Just to let you know that I have already had my conference with you. However, I was curious when we started doing Macbeth, because I was wondering why we were going to look at something in the hall when it wasn’t PE or assembly.


  7. I am most proud of my news report about King Duncan’s death.
    I struggled on the extra challenge in maths 2 days ago but I persevered and was so close to finishing!
    I love multiplication, it is my favourite subject in maths!!
    I love getting the DIVING DEEPER stamp but not always I get it but that shows I am challenging myself!


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