Our Class Charter

We are really proud of our class charter and have spent lots of our circle time sessions discussing how we can make sure we all adhere to it. This week we started to think about children in our class who have made a conscious effort to follow the class charter. We found out that lots of children have been using kind words, have been listening well and have been taking other children’s views seriously.

Who have you noticed trying really hard to follow the class charter? Can you think of someone in our class who has been using kind words or someone that has been taking learning seriously and working hard? Maybe you have spotted a few children following our class charter. This is your chance to share your observations with everyone and celebrate those that are working really hard to make our class a happy, safe and respectful learning environment.

13 thoughts on “Our Class Charter

  1. I think jack had worked hard on his graffiti art and it looked so similiar to the video we watched


  2. I think jack had worked hard on his poem because he was concentrating throughout the whole thing


  3. I really like our class charter because it shows that everybody is part of the class. It was a great idea to do graffiti names and add symbols.


    • Yes you are right. It makes sure everyone is included and everyone knows what they have to do to ensure everyone can enjoy their rights.


  4. I think Adam worked hard on his poem and has been concentrating throughout lessons.


    • I’ve just read all of the poems and they are great. I’m going to put some on here for everyone to read.


  5. I feel that George has been taking learning seriously and that when I have been play cops and robbers lots of the boys have started to follow the rules more.


    • This is great to hear and will make sure everyone is following the playground charter too.


  6. When we were doing our Georgia O’Keeffe art I saw Arthur and Lizzie concentrating really hard and taking their learning seriously .


    • I agree George. I think the Georgia
      O’Keeffe display looks great and everyone worked hard to create wonderful paintings.


  7. I have seen some of the boys playing Cops and Robbers using kind words when they were discussing the rules. I have also seen Alexa and Arthur taking learning seriously. I expect there are lots more children, but they were the ones who stood out to me!


    • I agree with lots of your points Sophie. It has been great to see that the boys have been working hard to have happy playtime and lunchtimes. I agree with you that Arthur and Alexa have been working hard, especially with their poems.


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