Spelling Homework

Follow the link above and play some of the homophone spelling games. Some of them are trickier than others so try to play them all. Make a note of the words that you were not sure of and work on these. We are going to have a homophone class quiz and I will be taking some of the words and using them in the quiz. Will they be the ones that you have worked on…?

Which was your favourite game? Why? Which words did you find tricky?

18 thoughts on “Spelling Homework

  1. My favourite game was the memory game. you needed to put together the homophones(words that sound the same but have a different meaning.


  2. these games were really helpful and i understand homophones even more and its learning in a fun way


    • I am glad you enjoyed the games Iona. We have some grammar games for next week.


  3. Hey everyone I found out how to let Mathletics run Flash Player on Google Chrome heres how:

    1. In the top right corner of the screen there is a little icon, bellow that there are three dots click on them.

    2. Click on Settings then scroll down to the bottom and click on Advanced.

    3. On Privacy and Security, click on Content Settings.

    4. Then click on Flash (If you have not installed Flash it won’t be there.)

    5. Make sure “Allow Sites To Run Flash” and “Ask First” are on.

    6. Bellow Allow you might have a few websites already. But to the right of Allow click Add

    7. Open a new tab and search Mathletics. Log in.

    8. Copy the Website address (The thing you type in when your searching something up.)

    9. Go back to your settings tab and paste the Website Address into it then click add.

    You can now do your tasks on Mathletics that need Flash Player to run! 🙂


  4. My favourite game was the memory game where you had to match up the homophones because it made you think.


      • That one was my favourite as well. I thought it would be hard, but it was surprisingly easy for me.


        • Well done for completing the challenges Remy and for commenting on the blog. I hope you are feeling better!


  5. In spellings it’s not coming up for me and it’s sends me to an apple Product


    • That is OK Annalena. You can do it in class at lunchtime. Remind me tomorrow.


  6. this isn’t about spelling but on mathletics it won’t let me do any other tasks because I haven’t done Put in Order 1. i can’t do it though.Nothing comes up when I click on it.


    • Ok don’t worry when I get to my laptop I will delete that task so you can do the rest. I will delete put in order 1 for all of you incase you have that problem too. Let me know if it works.


      • I have deleted put it in order now Katie so it should work. If not, remind me tomorrow and you can do it on the laptop at lunch/playtime.


    • Follow My steps Katie. They will allow Flash Player to run on Mathletics and then you’ll be able to to your tasks.


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