The Journey by Aaron Becker


It’s Book Week!

Our whole school book this week is The Journey by Aaron Becker. It’s a beautiful story, without any words. If you enjoyed this book, he has written 2 more – “Quest” & “Return”.


Our challenge today was to tell the story ourselves, using iPad apps. The class split into groups to try out, feed back on, compare & improve (!) 3 different apps:

(Remember the  esafety rules we reminded ourselves of in class if you try at home!)

Each group seemed to take a very different approach to retelling the story – can you comment on what you think about everyone’s ideas below, and if you felt that the app you used could be improved, please add comments with your suggestions. I will contact the app developers with your suggestions.

Ben & William (Book Creator)

Ben & William

Chris & David (Puppet Edu)

chris and david journey

Ella & Anisa (ThingLink)

Waleed & Videl (ThingLink)

Ashwicka & Yumna (ThingLink)

Franco & Thomas (Puppet Edu)

franco thomas journey

Matthew & Jack (Book Creator)

Matthew & Jack

Ayla, Rhian Maryam (Puppet Edu)

3 thoughts on “The Journey by Aaron Becker

  1. I think book creator is the best because it plays like a book, but the problem with it is that if you mess up then you can’t change that unless you start over.


  2. Wow Year 6 your videos are brilliant. I can see that you have really enjoyed the story and have used the iPads creatively to re-tell. It was good to see some of your own drawings and other ideas used in the re-tellings. I can’t wait to read your pass it on section.

    Just out of interest, what app did you think was the best to use for the re-telling? I can see some of you use Think Link and Book Creator. Which did you prefer and why? Which one would you recommend for the rest of Key Stage 2 to use?


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