Year 6 Book Club

Hello Year 6

Don’t forget that if you are part of Year 6 book club you need to read to chapter 20 before our next meet.

I hope you are enjoying your books. I am up to chapter 14 and am feeling very worried for the family as the book progresses. Welcome To Nowehere is a real page turner and quite an emotional read. Can’t wait to catch up with you all about your reading and thoughts about events and characters so far.

4 thoughts on “Year 6 Book Club

  1. I read to Chapter 20 as soon as I got home from school on the first day of the holidays!


    • Good to hear Evan. I am quite tempted to read to the end, but I won’t. I will wait for the rest of the group. If you are in contact or see any Year 6 children before Monday, remember to tell them to read to chapter 20.

      Hope you are having a fun holiday.


  2. I read to chapter twenty on the third day of the Easter Holidays! Our book is amazing, I love it.


    • Well done Toby. Spread the word to everyone in book club to remind them to read. You are reading the Light Jar and I haven’t read that one. My group will do that one next. Welcome To Nowhere is also a great book and relates a lot to what you hear about in the news today. It makes it more real which is very sad. I found the author has written in a way that makes you connect with the characters and there have been times when I have been reading and felt scared. Hope everyone else is enjoying their books. You might need to have a refresher of what you have read before we meet.


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