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Code Club will be launching in school very soon. If you would like to be part of Code Club then you need to reply to this post explaining why. What interests you about coding and computing? What skills do you have that you will be able to bring to the club? How will joining Code Club benefit you and the other people in the club? Your reply needs to be on the blog by Tuesday. 

The club will take place every Thursday lunchtime in the computing suite. 


12 thoughts on “Code Club

  1. Hello, at the moment I am really enjoying code club. I wish we could do it every single day!!!


  2. I would really like to be in code club because I love coding and like working with other people. I was in it last year and really liked it. I would really like to improve my skills in code club because not all my skills are great. I would love the opportunity.


  3. Hello I would love the opportunity to be in code club because I loving computing,scratch,micro bits and coding I get along with lots of people and I like helping people when they are stuck.
    And I think i will be a good addition to code club.


  4. Hello, I would love to be code club because I love coding and making games on scratch and would love to improve my skills in computing. I think I can work really well in a team and I will support everyone’s ideas.
    I would love to be a code cluber!!!


  5. Hello I really enjoyed code club last year with Miss Schofield I always enjoyed coding even in my old school I think I would be a great addition to code club


  6. Please may I join code club, I have always loved coding and I really want to do my passion, coding, in school. Thank you.


  7. I would like to be in Code Club because I did last year and I really enjoyed it. I was there every week and I was dedicated to Code Club. I also liked being in robo club and coding is one of my favourite hobbies. I’ve coding since I was young because my dad is a computer programmer. I got a distinction in Bebras and I like computational thinking. I love working in partners, groups and by myself and I let everyone share their ideas. I will contribute to the blog every week and when I was part of code club I explained my reasoning.


  8. I want to be in code club because I have always loved computing and I feel that I can work well in a teem with others. Last year when I was in code club I loved it and I was not there only one time and I was very dedicated to doing it. Also I feel that I am good at coding so that will come in handy. I would very much like to get in for it is one of my favourite things to do.


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