Class charters

This week we have written our class charter. We want our school to be a happy and safe place to be. We discussed and agreed what everybody should do in our classroom.

Below, you will see the four different class charters from KS2.

For home learning this week, please discuss the charter with your family. How are you going to try to follow the charter? How are you going to help others to follow it? What does it mean to you? What does a happy and safe classroom look like? What does respectful behaviour look like?

Have you seen anyone following the class charter? What were they doing?

Please comment below, and make sure you keep checking incase anybody replies to your comments. It might start a wonderful discussion ๐Ÿ™‚

34 thoughts on “Class charters

  1. I think Amy was following the class charter because she was checking if everyone is ok!


  2. I think Julia always follows the class charter because she is always so kind to everyone.


  3. I think that Georgia has been following the class charter and the playground charter because she looks out for everyone and cares about other peoples feelings!!


  4. I always see Georgia following the class charter because I always see her say all of her MAGIC WORDS! Well done Georgia!


    • Yes I agree that Georgia is always very polite and when everyone is polite it creates a lovely classroom climate.


  5. I think Edgar has been following the class charter because he was being really kind at playtime ๐Ÿ™‚


    • This is good to hear. I have heard lots of good things about Edgar at playtime. Well done Edgar.


  6. don’t speak when others are speaking,if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all and also always look at the person who is speaking


    • Yes. This shows that you are interested in what they are saying and that you are being respectful of their ideas.


  7. It is good to see some of you have started thinking about the charter and what it means to you. Some interesting comments. This year, I hope you can work together to have a safe, happy class where everyone is respected.


  8. I think Namrata has been following the class charter because she’s been taking learning seriously and helping me if I am stuck.


  9. I think lizzie was following the class charter because when one of the year 3’s hurt them self she helped them.


  10. Always treat others as you would like to be treated and if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all!


  11. I think Amy was following the class charter because she was using kind words in maths when she asked for help, she also was having a go in class!


  12. I think Edgar was following the class charter because he was helping Kirby when he was stuck.


    • Well done to Edgar. I think you have followed the Class Charter because you have worked hard on your Macbeth poem.


  13. The class charter means to me that every one is safe because if there was no class charter then all over the school there will be arguments.


    • You are right Kirby. The class charter makes the classroom a happier place. Can you think of anyone in our class who has tried their hardest to follow the charter this week?


  14. I saw Amani following the class charter by listening to her learning partner, Ciara, and she took Ciara’s views seriously.


  15. I am going to try and follow the charter by looking at it and asking myself if I was actually following it when I am not listening in class.


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