3D printing

In DT we are going to be exploring 3D printing. What can you learn before we start in class?

For homework this week can you watch these videos and think about what you have seen. What can a 3d printer be used for? Is this a good thing? Why?

If you don’t think it’s a good development then why?




There are also other videos on 3d printing on the code club blog if you want to check these out too.


29 thoughts on “3D printing

  1. 3D printers are amazing but I also think it would be more efficient to buy a pair of shoes than 3D print them.Also,it costs a huge amount of money to buy them.


  2. I think it’s amazing that a 3D hand can be made. Maybe now they can make full limbs like legs or arms and even in the future a full person.


  3. I think we shouldn’t be 3D printing things we don’t need whilst there are people in the world who need something printed and they don’t have it. As the things on the printer take a while to make, I think that we shouldn’t be wasting time printing shoes and clothes whilst we could be printing limbs.


    • I totally agree, we can buy shoes anywhere but not hands. But maybe after everyone who actually needs something from the 3D printer has got what they need then more shoes can definitely be made!


  4. I think it would help a lot of people in life, everyone who has lost a limb and hospitals should have one to help with all the lost limbs and with everything it could help with.

    What would happen if the 3D printer malfunctioned, it could brake the printer and have a printer filled with hard plastic. Also the printer would be a waste of money.


  5. After watching the first video I was thinking I need those shoes! But then I watched the second one and I realized that of course the shoes would be wonderful but I don’t need them unlike the young boy, the things a 3D printer can do could change peoples life.


  6. It was really touching and inspiring that video about the boy it shows how much technology can do and is capable. I think it could help animals and other living things in this way.


  7. I think that 3D printers are really good as you can make pretty much anything. You can make something life changing or something not that useful.


  8. The boy looked really happy when he got his new hand.It
    could help lots of people and animals.


  9. I find it amazing how 3D printers can make things like shoes that you can easily buy from a shop but also make something like a hand that could change somebody’s life and that you can’t buy every time you go shopping. I also wonder how they make the hand move. There might be a control or something to press to make the fingers move.


      • I’m not really sure but maybe there are buttons that he can press inside to make the fingers move. That’s just a guess because I really don’t know how the people did it!


        • I think it is just like a normal hand I think it would get quite a bit of getting use to.


  10. I think that 3d printing a shoe is a waste of time because you can easily buy a pair of shoes that are cheaper and more effective, but if you are making a limb that could change a persons life then there is a purpose.


  11. Its amazing what a 3D printer can do. It can make clothing, help people with injuries and help people with disabilities. It must have taken a long long long time to make one.


  12. hi!
    I am more heartfelt for the boy with the 3D printed hand and it is just amazing that a machine can change someones life. I agree with Ellie in thinking that 3D printed things should be used for the people that need it. Shoes on the other hand are things that protect your feet.(not even as there are lot of holes) sorry miss Hastings!
    I don’t think that 3D printed limbs would work as well as an original one. I don’t know why i think that but it probably hasn’t got the properties an materials than a natural one!

    I think 3D printers are amazing but we need to be careful as they can be dangerous! (I am thinking 3D printed guns and stuff!)


    • This is a really thoughtful comment and I agree with you. I hope they are used for the good things and not guns etc. I wonder if they can be programmed to no print certain patterns or designs, such as that of a gun?


    • I think it is probably too expensive to just 3d print a gun just like that. The only reason someone would want that is because they cant afford a real one, but then how would they pay for a 3d printing?


  13. aparentl people are trying to find a way to print bones now. When I went to the science museum a few weeks ago i found out that if you get a 3d printed limb you get a wierd tingling sensation when you de-attach it ant that it itces a lot of the time.


      • yes, because some times bones can’t be fixed and 3d printed bones mean people won’t need to lose their limbs, but these bones are still being tested so, it isn’t 100% safe to have one of these.


  14. I find it amazing how you could print an arm. If 3d printing could end up being cheap enough then all victims of war who had lost limbs could have 3d printed replacements. One day I think 3d printing will be so cheap that most daily items would be printed. Eg. toothbrushes, hairbrushes, beds, tables.

    My problems with the shoes are the fact that they could break really easily because they are plastic. I also think you couldn’t wear them outside because gravel or dirt would get stuck in the part of your foot that was not covered.

    Overall I think 3d printers could help change lives and make people happier, but at the moment while they cost a lot I think 3d printing should be used mainly to help people who need it.


    • You comments about the limbs are so thoughtful and I really hope your right. How amazing would it be if we could print limbs for children 🙂
      I will try my shoes out outside and let you know about the gravel.
      Mrs H


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