Being Kind


we had another amazing visit from Nick Carter today. He told us more about his Kindness Challenge and gave us more details about his experience.


Would you be able to sleep with slugs, out in the cold or shower in cold water? I’m not sure I could.

In year six we are so proud ofย  Raphi who complete a great kindness challenge and was also seen being kind but staff in the school. She is going to learning more skills from Nick and we look forward to her sharing her own personal adventure.

5 thoughts on “Being Kind

  1. I hate slugs, so waking up with them all over me would be horrible. When Raphi gets back from her kindness adventure day, hopefully she will teach us some of what she has learnt.


  2. It was great fun compliteing are smaller kindness challenges and I can’t wait for the bravery one for nicks next adventure! I find it so inntresting how much we use money and I makes me want to do something to help children and adults who are sleeping rough. On the other hand I would find it very hard to cope with slugs all over me and no shower!


    • I agree Estelle! It makes you think a lot about what you could do to help. In one of Nick’s videos he said when he had to much he gave back. I also want to give back! I’m now thinking of the children who were at the Calais camp when it was dismantled I wonder how they are coping with sleeping rough? I would find it extremely difficult as I am so fortunate and I never really think about they people on the streets. (Gulp)! I am usually to busy on the computer. They don’t have a computer! At PGL our cabin had a cold shower and we were lucky enough to get it fixed. Poor Nick!



      • yeah I know I don’t think anyone is grateful enough for what they have, sadly I think i’m one of them ๐Ÿ™


        • But if you recognise that then you are already becoming a kinder person, so well done. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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