Citizenship Morning

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to meet lots of Merton workers who taught us al lot!


We met firelights, policemen and women and nurses. We talked to people who worked on the tubes, buses, underground and trams. We learnt about river and bike safety and we heard all about keeping our self safe online.


What was your favourite station and why?


What was the one thing you learnt that really stood out?


6 thoughts on “Citizenship Morning

  1. I found shattered dreams really interesting as it showed how not looking where you walk could ruin your future. Everything about the girl shattered, and I found it really thought-provoking to think about what wouldn’t happen if we got run over. Thank you Mrs Hastings for taking us on the trip.


  2. I really enjoyed going to the mosk for the young chitisonship day I loved many activities like the police one were we watched the video called Simon where he was stalking this young girl who wrote everything about her on a big poster and put it outside her house. Also I thought the shattered dreams video had a strong message,but my favourite one was doing the medical workshop where we learned the recovery prediction and found out what to do is someone was hurt.


  3. I liked ‘shattered dreams’ but my favourite one was the one with the girl and the strange man.


  4. I liked the the train station the most and learnt lots from it. I learnt that you should stay your body length and one step away from the platform edge as you could get pushed over by someone but it wouldn’t matter because you still had the one step that you took from before. I also learnt how much an empty train weighs at the same station.


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