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We have been so lucky this week to have lots of visitors in to our class to help with our game designs. Here we are with Simone, on his second visit, helping us with our logos. Here he is teaching us how to brand our games. We learnt about

What was the one thing you learnt that was really surprising?

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  1. Guys I’m glad you are using our lesson’s suggestions and tricks for your design.
    Remember to keep it clear and simple.

    Thank you so much for the fantastic surprise you sent, I’m so happy and proud of you guys 😉

    Bear hugs



  2. I learned how to use assembly and I learned that the colours of logos can be very effective. I learned that the three lines in the corners are called hamburger lines.


  3. I learnt lots about logos and there are so many hidden things in logos. Some of them were almost impossible to see!


  4. I really enjoyed the hidden logos and I learnt a lot about companies. Also I didn’t know how to use the assembly app and now I do.


  5. i was surprised so many company’s had hidden things in there logos. and i learnt what the three lines where called.


  6. I learnt how to use assembly and make your own logo. I also learned that some companies had hidden secrets in their logos, which I find interesting.


  7. I never knew that so many companies had so many hidden logos. It was nice to find that out.


  8. Thank you so much for coming in to help us with our logos. I learnt to keep it simple but it must still be unique. I am now really interested in logo design. Originally I knew quite a lot of hidden logos but I know even more now !


  9. I learnt lots in assembly, I also learnt what the three lines on the side mean! I really enjoyed trying to guess where hidden things were in famous logos (for example, FEDEX has an arrow in between the E and the X). Thanks Simone!


  10. I learnt how to combine and cut out shapes to make your logo on the Assembly app. I also learnt about the hidden shapes or characters inside logos; like FeDex has a hidden arrow pointing towards the right right, between the e and the x.


  11. I also learned how to use the assembly app and to do a simple logo.
    Now I also know what the 3 lines at the side mean (ham burger).


  12. I learnt how to use the assembly app and also making your logo simple so it is not complicated to do. I also learnt that you can also do anything you can do on the app.


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