Game designers – out of the bit

We also had games designers visit us from out of the bit game design.

We learnt how games are designed, planned and the thought processes that go into any new game. We got to play Planet Quest, a games that is based on music, and explore how rhythm and sounds can enhance a game. We also got to play SUPER ARCADE FOOTBALL, their new, not out yet, fantastic new game.

What was the best bit of the day for you?

19 thoughts on “Game designers – out of the bit

  1. I enjoyed the football game since it was really cool and it had not been released yet.


  2. I really enjoyed playing planet quest as it was a very unique game and I also thought that super arcade football was amazing.


  3. I really enjoyed having Out Of The Bit came in to talk to us about game designing.
    I liked play super arcade football because it was fun to play against people but on teams.
    I realised that music can be really important in a game so you have to really listen.

    Thank You Out Of The Bit for coming!!


  4. I liked playing the super arcade football on the laptop with other people because I like playing multiplayer games. I also really enjoyed playing planet quest because I like listening to the music while playing.


  5. the planet quest game really shows how important music can be on a game. I tried playing it on mute and it was so much harder.


  6. Planet Quest is an amazing game and outofthebit taught me a lot about making a game!


  7. I really enjoyed Out of the Bit coming in and spending their time with us. I learnt that sound effects and graphics play a bit part in gaming. So I’m going to try to create sound effects and better graphics using some of the techniques they showed us.


  8. I enjoyed it when OutOfTheBit came. I learned that the background music to a game is sometimes very important. I also learned a lot from their presentation.


  9. Planet quest is a unique game and you don’t get many games that rely on the music. That was a clever idea.


  10. Thank you for coming in to speak to us! I find planet quest so unique because I would never of thought of having music that actually helps you keep in time and play the game!


  11. I loved when Out Of The Bit came in, I learnt that music was very important in Planet Quest! I also really enjoyed playing Super Arcade Football because it hasn’t actually come out yet and we got to play it! Thank you!


  12. I’ve learnt that music can play a big part in a game (made by a dog) so you can’t put the game on mute


  13. I loved playing Super Arcade football because it was a new game and we got to test it out! I learnt so much, so thank you to Out Of The Bit!


  14. The best part was when they showed us the presentation (I learned a lot of it.)
    and when we were aloud to play Planet Quest and the football game.


  15. The best bit of the day was when we played planet quest and super arcade football because one of the games has not been released.


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