This week in class we have been looking at the artist Georgia O’Keeffe. What can you find out about her work, life and style? Have you got a favourite piece of work? Can you create another piece of art?

You can either present your work on paper and bring it in to display or write a blog post.

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  1. I learnt that Georgia O’Keeffe was born in 1887 and died in 1986.She made over 200 flower paintings. In 1928 she sold six paintings for $25,000 each.


  2. I like this Georgia O’keeffe painting because the colours are bright but subtle. The colours go well together and I really love the painting


  3. I like the painting called from the lake no.2 because i think it looks like a tigers paw (kind of!) and the I like the colours. This is the picture:


  4. My favourite Georgia O’Keeffe artwork is my Front Yard 1941 I like the Eco-friendly colours and what it is, its a green mountain it looks stunning .


  5. I like the black cross picture because the colours for mountain look really good at night


  6. My favourite picture is the cows skull because it is so vibrant with the blue in the background and the skull stands out.


  7. I found out that Georgia O’Keefe painted over 200 flower paintings and she sold 6 paintings for 25000 dollars!


  8. I also learnt that she didn’t like simply copy the picture she like did one bit of it and I also learnt that she also went to a school before she learnt how to do painting.


  9. My favourite picture is the Purple Petunias because I like flowers and I like the painting that she did it curved a little bit and I also liked how she zoomed in her flower.


  10. My favourite piece of Georgia O’keefe artwork is called Red Canna. I like it because I think that all the colours go well together and it is quite bright.


  11. My favourite Georgia O’Keeffe is called ‘Black Hollyhock and Blue Larkspur’ from 1930. I like it because the black petals look velvety and also the shade of the blue larkspur.


  12. I like black cross with stars and blue. I like the different shades of blue. it was painted in new mexico


  13. My favourite Georgia O’Keeffe painting is Magic Talk because I like the colours used and the shape of the rose; it looked beautiful!


  14. She gave up painting for a while, but took it up again when she went to a class at the University of Virginia taught by Arthur Wesley.


  15. the piece of art by Georgia o’keefe, really caught my eye! I am not to sure what it is called, but it has lots of bright and vibrant colours and that’s what I like aboutit? what does anyone else think about it?


  16. My favourite picture is the black cross with stars and blue because I love the backdrop and the shades of blue! It could be her view from her window.


  17. I saw a painting which looked like waves in the sea but with lots of different colours and it is now my favourite


  18. I found out that Georgia studied painting in in the Art Institute of Chicago and later in the University of Columbia in New York.


  19. I found out that Georgia O’Keeffe ‘s favorite type of flower was a bright red poppy like my favorite picture of her’s Oriental poppies.


  20. Georgia o keefe was born on november 15 1887 in a town called sun prairie. Her parents were both dairy farmers.
    Georgia was the second of 7 children and the first daughter. She decided to become an artist when she was 10 years old in 1897. She was actually hungarian but lived in america.


  21. My favourite picture is New York Night because I like how it landscapes the city. I found out the Georgia died on the 6th of March 1986 in New Mexico United States.


  22. I found out her full name was GeorgiaTotto’o’Keefe and has been recognised as the mother of american modernism.


  23. My favourite piece is ‘The Black cross with Stars and Blue’ because I like the colour of the background. When I first looked at the work I thought it was a window but then I realized it is a cross.


  24. One of my favourite pieces of artwork by Georgia O’ Keeffe is Blue Morning Glories. I really like it because it looks calm and relaxed and not that complicated. I also like Abstraction White Rose because it looks like thoughts rushing around in somebody’s head.


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