Joseph Coelho

Guess who we got to work with today!!!!!

A real life, amazing poet – Joseph Coelho.


He wrote poems such as: Timmy Tell-Tale, Little bit of food, School dinner and M.O.R.E.R.A.P.S.

We wrote poems based on his M.O.R.E.R.A.P.S. poem and the used the same structure.

M stands for Metaphor

O stands for Onomatopoeia

R stands for Rhyme

E stands for Emotion

R stands for Repetition

A stands for Alliteration

P stands for Personification

S stands for Simile

Have a read of some of our amazing poems.

Check out his website for more poems, book information and readings.

24 thoughts on “Joseph Coelho

  1. the socks

    the socks are a soft white cloud
    tiptoe tiptoe
    one fell into a well
    the socks were a soft white cloud
    one felt lost
    like a child loosing her toy


  2. The naughty bee

    The naughty bee was
    a winged warrior,sanmashing
    into nearby people

    The naughty bee
    was very sneaky and
    always smirked
    with glee

    The naughty black bee
    buzzed and laughed
    and was as evil
    as a villian

    The naughty bee
    always got what
    he wanted and
    chased after people

    Beware of the
    naughty bee and
    always watch your back
    before he comes to attack

    by christopher


  3. Rain
    Rain was a cascade of liquid
    Bang! Splash!
    As it bounced to the floor
    Rain was a cascade of liquid
    Umbrellas’ come out to play like children
    They are a sky full of magic
    Which helps us grow, be happy and never leave us.


  4. The lights throw the dark outside,
    When you hear Santa fall down the chimney in your sleep BANG,
    Silly Santa falls down the chimney,
    When you wake up with a smile on your face,
    And you run down in a race,
    Everyone is happy,
    The Christmas tree is one thousand lights,
    Christmas lights Christmas lights so nice.


  5. That is my poem, I hope you like it

    My dog
    my dog is white as snow
    but he walks really slow
    my dog
    my dog is sleeping on a log
    that is my lovely, little dog.


  6. ee-aww
    the donkey is free
    the donkey is a raincloud
    The daring donkey
    The donkey spoke
    as grey as stone
    the donkey is a raincloud cloud cloud


  7. The lonely snowflake

    The icy snowflake slowly drifted down to the white carpet below,
    WOOSH! It change d direction,
    The icy coat is it’s layer of protection,
    The lonely snowflake floated,
    Down,Down to the world below,
    Slowly,slithering sliding,
    Down my garden fence,
    As lonely as a leaf wandering away from it’s branch,
    and as shining as a diamond.

    I hope you liked my poem!

    😉 🙂 😉 🙂


  8. My Hurricane

    The inside of my pencil case is a hurricane
    The tip tap tip tap of my pencils and pens
    which drives everyone so mad they act like hens
    The anger and frustration made by my constant fiddling
    Is answered by a constant wriggling
    like louis who lives on the egde of seat
    The inside of my pencil case is constantly chatting
    as annoying as an itch,

    The inside of my sharpener is a landfill
    The crunch crunch of graphite and wood
    Which makes people want to stuff my head in a hood
    The aggression and annoyance caused by my constant twisting
    Is answered by teeth with a constant gritting
    Like Larry who never Laughs
    The inside of my sharpener is a ditch
    as annoying as fly.


  9. Pink pig, rolling in the mud,
    It looks like a big, fat, pink cloud.
    It’s huge and says oink,
    Pink pig, rolling in the mud.
    After rolling in the mud,
    They look like a massive, fat, brown dog.


  10. The black rat.

    The rat was black
    black like the black cat
    that chased that black rat.

    The two ran
    under the flying sun
    that was having fun
    looking down at the run
    like a sly fox relaxing like a big yellow ox.

    The cat said meow and the rat said squeak
    for it was the victim that the cat would eat
    the rat was so tired he just wanted to have a seat
    and have a cup of tea and have a slice of cheese with a slice of raw meat?

    That was it
    the rat fell into the pit and couldn’t get out
    lets not get through the greasily bit so lets not make so much of it
    although you must understand the rat didn’t make it.

    Now the only memory of the rat
    was his home that he once sat.

    by Videl


  11. the day when i laughed too much
    Slurp went the milk when i sucked it up,
    I looked down at empty cup,
    My friend said the most funniest joke,
    I was a hyena laughing at a dead host,
    The milk came out of my nose,
    My face flushed red like a rose,
    I was so embarrassed,
    Embarrassed and happy because my friend was laughing like he did in Paris,
    I will never forget this day,
    It will never wash away like a wave.

    from Veish


  12. The Snowflake

    The Snowflake danced in the moonlight,
    Sshh, sshh, swish, swish,
    Through the bush, jumping off the garden fish,
    Not jealous, not sad, sailing gaily down your garden fence, with not a care in the world.
    Reapeating it’s course, over your head, over your head,
    Slipping slyly, through the air.
    Eating up the air,
    Like a cat slurping up it’s milk.

    By Matthew


  13. The Unlucky Donkey.

    Donkeys act as if there dunkeys,

    The donkey was bored,
    Two seconds later,
    Still bored,

    Dogey, donkey,
    The donkey can fly?,
    One year later the donkey was dead,
    Dead as a chicken!
    Dead as a chicken…
    By Waleed


  14. my poem
    by Thomas 🙂

    Inside is boring,
    TV has me snoring,
    the garden is too small,
    it is no fun at all,
    I am going to go outside,
    I hate being inside,
    being outside is fun,
    being outside in the sun,
    do I need my umbrella?

    I walk down the road,
    and who should I see,
    but a cloud,
    as grew as grey as grey can be,
    just then it started raining on me.
    I should have checked the weather,
    but then…do I ever?
    I am starting to wish that I had brought my umbrella,
    I put up my hood,
    but that is no good,
    I should find shelter,
    I really should.

    This was no fun,
    what is even worse,
    is that no one is here,
    just me in the rain,
    I wish i could be inside again.


  15. CAKE!

    The cake was a sashay of silk,
    I was in for a date with a cake,
    the cake was drooling with cream,
    the cake was coverd with cream,
    the cake looked at me while ozzing with its cream,
    the cake was delicious with all its cream,
    it was a combustion of cookey cakeness coverd with cream,
    it spoke to me ,
    “Eat me”
    came out of its droopy saucy mouth,
    it tasted as sweetas sugar.


  16. my poem was
    The school

    The school is a thunder cloud,
    streaking lightning canes,
    scars smeared across your hands,
    the rain impales you like the teachers lectures
    about how not to wright poems about your “wonderful” teacher,
    I would use the word “BIG-fat-hairy-ugly-monkey,
    I hoped that was a word but my lovely teacher said it wasn’t,


  17. Ayla

    Ayla is like a flower a flower that drifts in the wind,
    Ayla is beautifull like the morning sun,
    she is like a rainbow,
    Ayla is a pink unicorn,

    by Rhian


  18. Clouds
    An exploding pillow,
    A cloud doesn’t make a lot of sound,
    Sleepy, dreamful clouds,
    Cudely clouds,
    Cries out rain,
    As wet as the ocean.


  19. This is my poem I hope you like it:


    hair is a slither of toffee sauce,
    swish swoosh thwick thwack
    you can have it lazy or crazy,
    spiky when you are angry,
    smooth like custard when everyone’s calm.

    hair is a snaking piece of rope when knotty,
    fancy fabulishously fuchsia,
    like a tornado of hair over your shoulders,
    as glisteny as a lady birds shell,
    I love hair.

    By Ella


  20. My Baby Brother

    My little baby brother is as noisy as an elephant
    Scream, shriek
    He’s awake!
    And its really very very late
    I feel like theirs a humongous earthquake
    Im so exhausted and weary
    My little baby brother is as noisy as an elephant
    An elephant that’s extremely emotional
    I wish his toys would run,swing and fly over to cheer him up
    My little baby brother is as noisy as an elephant
    by Izzy


  21. The cloud is a fluffy marshmallow, it went bang and water came crashing down…down…down.

    The cunning crafty cloud was excited.

    The loud cloud was excited.

    The cloud was as soft as a fluffy pillow.

    By Caleb


  22. Puddles
    Red wellies submerge into water,
    Puddles,puddles they cause double the trouble,
    Children drenched, mothers in muddles,
    Sadness disappears with lots of cuddles,
    Its grin from ear to ear,
    Cheeky and cheerful as can be,
    Puddles, they are always smiley.


  23. Cows taste of beef,
    Moooo!! Moooo!! Blowing away a leaf,
    How does a cow bow?
    jealousy, excitedly or sadly.
    a sweet black and white cow a sweet black and white cow,
    The inner of a cow is a cactus,
    Cow as they hunt,
    They are still as fat as an Elephant.


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