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  1. I think that the first of the four numbers is two. I think that the second of the numbers is six. Then I think that the third number is nineteen. Then I think that the last number is thirty three.
    I got these answers as the first part of the question says that the first two numbers have a mean of four which means that the two numbers will add up to eight. I used the two there because I knew that the other numbers (which doesn’t include the six that I used) would be much bigger than six. I used the six because I knew that to get to eight from two I would need to add six. Then to do the next part of the question (which was to have the mean of the first three numbers as nine) I knew that the total of the three numbers that I was going to use was going to have to make a total of twenty seven as nine times three is twenty seven. So from going from eight to twenty seven was going to have to have to add nineteen. Then I had to make the average of all the four numbers that I was going to use had to have a mean of fifteen which means that if I was going to add all the numbers that I was using had to make a total of sixty. I knew that to get from twenty seven to get to sixty I had to add thirty three. That is how I did it.


    • Brilliant explaining, well done. That is exactly how Ganan and I worked it out. I wonder if anybody else will do it differently?


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