Nick Carter

Today you all heard Nick talk about his next adventure – Living for a week without money and relying on kindness/nature.

Have a look on the website and see what its all about. You will be doing more work on this soon so lets start thinking about how we can be kind to others.



4 thoughts on “Nick Carter

  1. To start my kindness challenge I baked a lemon drizzle cake for a senior citizens tea at my church. The tea party happens once a month and is for older people in the local area so they need lots of cake!!


  2. The rules of the game are that there is a decimal on the top of your screen and you have to round that to the nearest unit. Get it right and you get two points and a chance to get another one. Get it wrong and its automatically the opponents go, but remember to apply all your maths knowledge of rounding decimals.


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