Ragged School!

We had such a wonderful time at the Ragged School on Friday. We travelled from Wimbledon to Mile End dressed as Victorian children and enjoyed a role play day at the museum. During the morning we learnt about some of the jobs children had to do at home in 1888. We investigated different artifacts and what they were used for and learnt lots about how the Victorians washed their clothes and kept warm in bed. We also went to school and had lessons with Mrs Perkins, a very strict Victorian teacher. We wrote with chalk on a blackboard and learnt a bit about the behaviour expected in a Victorian Schoolroom. We had a fantastic day and enjoyed stepping back in time to experience life as real Victorian children. 

18 thoughts on “Ragged School!

    • I loved dilly bags can we do it again one day or something like it.


      • I am glad you enjoyed it. Tomorrow we can add bits to it and make it more customised.


  1. Hey everyone I couldn’t find a post about weaving so I’ve commented here. This is my weaving I’ve done at home so far. But I’m waiting to find out how to cut off the warp! It’s gonna be a Christmas present for Eli!


  2. I found it a really fun day. My favourite part was when we were in classroom because we in role as victorian children. But i wish the day was longer.


  3. It was tricky to find an action or sound to add to the words to the rabbits story . The book is really good and shows you how hard it could really bee for the poor numbats and how bad the rabbits should feel


  4. My Mathletics won’t work. On the first subject, question number 17 won’t load on the Test. Is there anyway you could mark my test back to 0 so that I can restart because I need to get as many points as I can for the Mathletics competition!


  5. the whole day was so much fun, though I’m sad it was only half a day 🙁
    I really enjoyed the classroom, and the teacher was such a good actress


  6. I think the entire day was fun but my favourite part wast the class because the teacher was so mean compared to Mrs Mikkelsen but I could not stop giggling at all!


    • It was tricky to stay in role. Imagine you were a child in the Victorian era. Would you have wanted to go to school if everyday was like that?


      • No not every day but maybe once a year there was a Victorian week and you learnt all about them and could even dress up now that would be fun although it felt like my back was going to fall of! And that was only one lesson so I;m not sure if I could cope for that long!


    • The whole day was brilliant but my favourite part was the ‘in role’ part!


  7. Great photos! I like the school session better but I still really like the household one as well. What was your favourite?


    • I enjoyed the school room too but I also enjoyed learning about the mystery objects


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