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Remember your half term reading challenge.

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Half term reading

Your half term homework is to read a book. We have discussed in class about good books to read and have all taken a book from the library or book corner. What are you going to read?

Share your book with us on here or be ready to share when we come back.

2 thoughts on “Reading challenge

  1. In the holidays I read a book called The Toilet of Doom by Michael Lawrence. It is written in first person and when you open the page that you are on then you are Jiggy McCue. It is called The Toilet of Doom because there is this game that his friend tells him about and the game is named The Toilet of Life but instead of doing something good it does some very bad things for Jiggy. It is not a very hard book to read. I really liked this book because it is quite funny as well as serious at times. Whenever I was told to do something different I was not very happy as I wanted to carry on with it. I would recommend this book to people who like reading books such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


  2. I read The Montgomery Murder by Cora Harrison.
    It is set in the Victorian times and the character (Alfie) has no parents a blind brother, a friend who is a scullery maid and a mystery to solve. He needs to find out who the Monmouth Strangler is fast or more people will risk their lives.
    I loved this book because it was so tense and you just couldn’t put it down!


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