14 thoughts on “Thinking Thunk

  1. 1, I would differently save kip (my dog)
    2, my iPod ( has loads of photos on and I can call people when in an emergency.)
    3, either my bed, clothes or my special blanket (i’m a bit of a baby). I really can’t chose. But one thing, if this was real wouldn’t people have insurance on their house and furniture so there is no point saving something that could be replaced:)


  2. I would save:
    1. My teddy that I’ve had since I was a baby
    2. A massive sack (I agree Ganan) that would have all family photos, food and money
    3. A radiator that would work without power! -I get cold easily


  3. I would save food, phone and a big bag.
    Food because then I wouldn’t die of starvation.
    Phone so I could call somebody of I run out of something.
    The big bag because it would be filled with clothes and money!


  4. If i could save any three things for my house, I would take my phone, my phone charger and my doll Mia. I would take my phone so that I could keep in contact with my family and I would take my phone charger so that if my phone dies i can charge it up again. I would take my doll Mia because my great nan gave it to my mum, but she died before I was born and now my mum has given it to me. So it is very special.


  5. I would save-
    food-so that I wouldn’t starve,
    phone-to contact someone,
    money-to buy things like a phone charger


  6. I would save both my cats as they are very special to me. I would also save my favourite toy giraffe because then I would have something to remind me of home.


  7. If I could only save three things from my house then I would save my laptop, my cricket, stuff and my Ipad.
    I would save my laptop because I play games on it, use the internet and also use it to write things. I would save my cricket stuff because cricket means a lot to me. I would save my Ipad because it Is the main device that I play games on.


  8. I would save my cat because its a living thing and is part of my family. My lap top as it has all my music on it and more importantly all my photos (there are thousands of photos) and they would be safe. I’m not sure about the third. I don’t think any one thing is that important if I had my cat and images? What do you all think?
    Mrs H


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